Tim Brown-Vocals
Justus Cain D.-Drums
Robert Spangler-Guitars


Origin:  Colorado


Genres:  Rock, Metal


Years Active:  2012- Present


Label:  Pavement Entertainment



Website: mythofcreation.com

Short Bio


Myth of creation is a band of dedicated musicians playing their hearts out anytime they're on stage.  Focusing on tribulations of the past, the band's main focus is pushing awareness to mental health, and ensuring YOU are never alone!  Myth of Creation believe in giving back what music gives to them every time.  "This band will always keep to the motto, Remember where you came from, and we plan on keeping it that way. We remember playing our very first show, we remember the very first fans that came up to us, and we will always remember our home" - Myth of Creation.   . 

MUSIC: Trials
MOC album.png

To Be Announced